Friday, February 10, 2012

Another Little Break

Well, that was a nice little break.  I don't know about this whole blogging thing, the urge to share does seem to come in fits and spurts.  A few weeks ago my grandma died, and, well, that was making me feel a bit quiet.  But now I've traveled across the country and back to say goodbye to her and catch up with family, and I'm starting to feel chatty again.

I was knitting away on the sweater from the previous post.  It kept me busy all the way to Idaho and back.  And sure enough, just as I can see the end, I've lost interest.  There's not much further to go, but we'll see if I have a sweater to wear this winter or not.  We've been letterboxing again, and I'm going to put together a post about that sometime next week.  I've been carving up little rubber stamps in every spot of free time, and plotting places to hide them.  Sadly, hidden packages are not looked kindly upon most places in DC, so we'll probably have to find some parks out past the 'burbs to plant them in.  I've been exploring the new building of the church we're attending here--that's worth a post once I get some good pictures, too.  And we've been doing a tiny bit of Valentines crafting.  I don't seem to have taken any pictures since our one day of semi-snow/slush back several weeks ago, however.

If you're still waiting for your pirate treasure in the mail, I'll be getting that out early next week.  Thanks for your patience.