Welcome to At Table, let me clear off some space for you.

I started this blog as a place to write about all the things that happen around our family's table.  Our table is usually covered with dried playdough crumbs and a few uncleared dishes and the beginnings of some project or another.  It is a place where our mundane needs meet our loves and hopes.  So this blog is a place to collect my reflections on the things that fill my days and the things that matter most to me--and to recognize the beautiful moments where the two collide.

In early 2013 we celebrated the birth of our second son, Max.  The next day we learned he had Down syndrome.  So, this blog has been a place for me to talk about what that means for me, for him, for our family.

I spend most of my time parenting Max (1 1/2) and Toby (5).  I work part-time at our church coordinating the Sunday school, and now and then I freelance for religious education publishers.  And when I get a moment to myself I'm likely to start up some crafty little project.  I am less likely to finish it.

This is what fills my table these days, so this is what I write about.

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