Friday, June 14, 2013

Two Against One

This past week Christer has been out of town for work.  For the first time, I've been home alone with two boys.  I've been outnumbered.  And, I don't want to speak too soon, but I think we're going to make it through!

I miss Christer.  That goes without saying.  But if I'm looking for the silver lining, it is fun to see how things change when our routine is upset.  For example, since we couldn't divide and conquer, I ended up throwing both boys in the tub together for a bath one night.  No, Max can't sit up yet.  No, I didn't really trust my 4 year old to keep the wet, wiggly baby's head above water.  But for 2.5 minutes they were both in the tub, and we managed to get enough water and soap onto Max to count him as clean.  Or last night, when Toby made dinner by himself.  That is to say, he spread sauce, pepperoni and cheese on a pre-made pizza crust.

More than once this week we've skipped dinner and just had a big bedtime snack.  We were good and only had ice cream for lunch once.

It's been fun to have a lot of time with my Toby.  Preschool is over for the summer, and summer activities haven't started up yet, so we are spending ALL our time together this week.  Lately the new baby has often been my priority, and I know I brush Toby off or lose my patience with him too often.  Being stuck together this week has been good for both of us.  He really is growing into a curious, thoughtful, helpful little boy.

It doesn't hurt that I've set the bar very low for the week.  So if I do manage to accomplish anything beyond feeding the boys and arriving on time to a few appointments, then I get to pat myself on the back.

And let's not forget the best perk of pulling off a week of solo-parenting--he owes me.  I'm looking forward to sleeping in on Saturday, and then packing up and heading off to my favorite Starbucks to write.

And then I'm looking forward to spending the rest of the day with my whole family back together again.

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  1. Way to go!!!! I always have a new respect for single parents when I have a measly night or two alone with the kids!