Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Seven Months

Another month already? Or, um, another month already a week ago? Sigh. This is what parenting is all about, watching you speed along while I drag behind.

But enough about me.  On to you and your seven-months-plus-some self.

I'm sure you've hit some new milestone or another this month, but more than anything I'm noticing how good you're getting at letting us know when you're happy.  Bigger smiles, single-syllable bursts of laughter, arms wide and waving, and oh, that tongue!  When the tongue is out we know you are pleased.  

You've been eating some solids, of course.  We're all experimenting, trying to find foods that encourage you to grab and play and taste.  You're pretty good at sucking your thumb while holding a chunk of zucchini, you love munching on cantaloupe in your little mesh feeder, and you'll smack away at spoonfuls of sweet potato puree all day long.  Even better than the food, though, you're now joining us at the table in your high chair.  It's fun to have you as an active participant in family meals.

I'm not sure where this month went.  This last month of summer has been busy and lazy all at once.  You've spent a lot of time with Papa while I've been writing.  We seem to be running out of steam for the big summer adventures, but we're still fitting in swimming pools and picnics and trips to the park and the zoo.  There's not as much on the calendar, but every day is full.

You are Oh So Close to sitting independently.  For now, you still need a little support, but it's fun to watch what you get into when you're sitting up.  This month you've gotten more interested in toys.  They don't just go straight for your mouth--you wave them around and bang them and watch how they move.

It's rough work charming us all day long.  Luckily, you're up to the task.

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