Tuesday, July 15, 2014

My Connection to Disability (A Summer Blog Hop Post)

I'm going to give this blog hop thing a try.  One, because I literally bumped into Meriah at the NDSC Conference last weekend, but she was running after her kid, and I was running after mine, and also her blog is awesome and I am shy.

And two, because I am clearly not thinking up enough things to blog about on my own.  Writing prompts sound like a good idea.

So, the first topic is "My Connection to Disability."  Short answer?  My son has Down syndrome.

But, I am also aware that my connector is a one-year-old.  At this point, at least, it's sort of a one-way conversation.

I've met some great folks through our local Down syndrome group -- mostly parents of young children.  I've enjoyed reading blogs -- mostly written by moms like me who are brand new to the world of disability.  And we've got a lot to share, and I'm thankful for these connections.  But I often feel that I'm not "connected" to disability, I am orbiting around it.

I hope to change that.  I need other windows into Down syndrome aside from my own son.  And he needs adults with Down syndrome in his life--folks who can prop him up when I've reached the end of my experience.  Folks who can tell him, it's okay, I did this, you can, too.

So my connection to disability is still a work in progress.  It's a connection inspired by my son, but I do hope it won't continue to be defined only by him.


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  2. Getting involved in a community that has members who are in the same boat as you are is a great chance to get to connect with your son better. I'm glad you are gathering more information, in order for you to play your role as a mother better. You're such a huge inspiration, Katie. All the best to you! :)

    Brad Post @ Jan Dils