Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Procrastination, with Frappuccino

No cute baby pictures today, no musings on parenting, no mention of therapies or doctors.  Just a photo of my frappuccino at my favorite outdoor patio get-away-and-write spot.

I really enjoy curriculum writing assignments with strict boundaries.  They combine all the best parts of ministry with children and all the best things about filling out tax forms.  Yes, I'm serious, I enjoy both of those.  I’ve spent two summers writing church curriculum, and I’ve learned that I really love projects where I have to fit my ideas and theology and creativity into someone else’s format.  Last summer, however, the project I had been working for wrapped up, and I was pregnant, and we were moving, and no writing happened.  So now, as I am stretching out of the newborn hibernation, I’m ready to write again.

This afternoon I’m completing/starting several sample assignments in hopes of landing another curriculum job.  It’s a long shot—I’m confident in my writing, but I know that the economy is tight and these writing jobs are going to go first to people who already have more experience.  And even if I don’t get the job I am having fun trying to think of little exercises that will fit into the curriculum’s structure.  Writing “max 30 words” is way harder than writing a whole page.

But, as you’ll notice, I haven’t finished writing my samples yet.  I have, however, procrastinated away a few minutes of my precious no-kid time in order to add a little something to the blog. 

Until the day I can say I’m an employed writer I can at least sit at my laptop at Starbucks, with a laptop bag instead of a diaper bag, and call myself a freelancer.

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  1. Hey, you ARE a freelancer!!! If you're calling you that, and I'M calling you that, who else can argue, haha!