Thursday, May 16, 2013

We Skipped Spring...

...and jumped right into summer. 

This is how we've spent the past couple afternoons.

Toby splashing, always with a running commentary.  Max and I happily sitting in the shade and watching the show.  I'm kind of caught off guard by how independent Toby can be sometimes.  He filled the pool by himself while I was feeding Max, and even did some trouble shooting to figure out to put the chairs up against the side when it was falling down.  (He still needed me to carry the chairs over, though.)

Water from the hose is cold, even when it's nearly 90 degrees out.  So Toby never sat down in the pool, he just put his feet in.  He still managed to entertain himself for an hour and a half, and get soaking wet.

Max even got to dip his toes in for a first swim.  He likes baths, but this water was too, too cold.  But I'm looking forward to seeing his reaction to the (slightly warmer) pool in just a few weeks.

And tonight I washed dirt, not just dried spit-up but real dirt, out of the creases under my chubby baby's neck.

Parenting is way easier outside.


  1. I love Max's hair!!! My 2.5 year old seems awfully independent sometimes too. And agree on being outside... we ate our lunch on a blanket in the backyard today! Easy cleanup :)

  2. I love Max's hair, too!!!!!! That fuzz is the best ever! Water is a really great entertainer... even if we do INSIDE water, it's always a hit. I'll load my kids into swimming suits, throw in a couple of capfuls of bubbles, and then just listen... eventually they'll begin squabbling and I'll begin counting down their time to get out, but baths (water) are always good for at least an hour. :D