Monday, July 22, 2013

DaVinci Days

From the smell of fried food and the music coming from the stage, you'd think you were at your standard local summer festival.  And then you see giant foot drive by.

The foot, the dinosaur in the background, and about a dozen other vehicles are a part of the kinetic sculpture race -- the contraptions are people powered (most are pedalled like bicycles) and they travel over sand, through mud, and down the river.

Alongside the main attraction there are jugglers and musicians, food vendors, art displays, a film festival, and a great children's area.
A community art project calls put anyone on the area to illustrate the theme of "Time". Contributions included everything from a kindergarten class worth of paper plate clocks to the bird below.

It's all great fun to explore and watch (we barely scratched the surface), but what really impresses me is how many people are involved in creating the weekend's entertainment. It takes creativity and time to make cars and sculptures and to set up stations for kids and adults to learn and play -- and most of the folks involved are doing out for free.
I love chances for communities to come together to make something that is theirs alone. And I love that DaVinci Days has a playful, nerdy atmosphere that I've not seen matched anywhere else.

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