Friday, October 2, 2015

31 for 21: Brothers

6-year old Toby came home today with a picture he drew of "being a good citizen."  And he explained it to me.

"This person is saying 'ouch,' and the other one is saying 'hahahahahaha.'"

Wait, what?

"Um, Toby, how does that show you being a good citizen?"

"That's me saying 'ouch,' and Max laughing."

Right.  Because that's how the boys entertain each other.  Toby encourages Max to hit him, and Max does, and then they both topple over laughing.

Or take the other night, when Toby jumped out at Max, and scared him, and caused some real tears.  With Max in one arm I turned to Toby.  "You scared him," I scolded.  "What can you do to make him feel better?"

Toby shrugged sheepishly. Max, however, took a breath, stopped crying, and started performing the actions to "The Itsy Bitsy Spider."  Well, there you go Toby, that's your penance.  Start singing.

And then there was the day at the park, earlier this summer.  There was a van full of young adults with various disabilities also stretching at the park.  Most were hanging out on the swings, chatting with their chaperones.  But two flirtatious teens were playing tag on the climbing equipment.  Toby joined them.

On the way home Toby asked, "Did that guy have Down syndrome?"  Yes, I said, he did.  "I thought so.  That is why I was on his team."

I don't think Toby quite figured out that the guy wanted to be caught.  But it's good to know that Toby is proud to be on Max's team.  For now, goofy games and silly songs will do.  He's got some time to learn how to be a proper wing man.

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  1. I love how Max told his brother how to make him feel better! I think Walden is always too upset to even do anything but cry into my shoulder when his sister tortures him. Hah.