Friday, October 9, 2015

31 for 21: Storytime

I broke library rules today and took quite a few pictures of Max at storytime.  I realized that he's nearly 3, nearly aging out of the "baby" storytime and ready for the "preschool" storytime, and I needed some mementos of his favorite part of the week.

Max loves storytime.  He isn't shy about pulling up a carpet square front and center.  (He was actually sitting in the middle of the circle, alone, for five minutes before the other boys came to join him.)  For a long time he has been signing along to the familiar songs--they start and end with the same ones each week.  Lately he has really started signing along with everything.  He copy's the librarian's motions, he adds his own signs when none are prescribed.  (Today when they talked about a "black" train he signed "block," and when the train went around the "back" he signed "backpack". "Train," however, he knows, and just signs "train.")

Don't tell his PT, but this is his best hour of physical therapy each week.  He stands to do the rhymes, walks over to get his own book to read, and tries to jump around.  Afterwards today he kept on trying to practice his walking--I think watching all the other kids running around motivates him.  Every time a song ends, Max signs off by blowing kisses as he lets his legs go limp and sits back on the floor.

I'm not going to name any names, but my first son?  He would run crazy all during storytime and not pay one bit of attention.  So please excuse me if I brag a bit about how the younger brother pays attention, plays along, and generally sets a good example for all the other kids.  This is my 20 minutes of showing off, my turn to reassure the other moms, "It's okay, your kid will catch on eventually."

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  1. Wow, that is a great level of focus for a 2 year old! Maybe I should start bringing Walden along to copy off him. ha!