Monday, January 9, 2012

Pirate Treasure: A Giveaway

It's a crazy week around here.  My husband is out of town for over a week (which never happens, and we haven't been apart this long since well before kid), and I decided that it was a good time to circle the wagons and give potty learning a go.  So it's been an intense few days of mama & Toby time.  Thank goodness that I participated in a busy bag swap just before Christmas.

This is the best idea for a swap ever, and yes, there is an e-mail list over at Kidlet Occupation to get notified of the next swap.  30 people each make 30 bags filled with some sort of activity that will keep a preschooler occupied.  And a few weeks later, a box appears in the mail with, holy smokes, 30 different activities to keep my son occupied!  There are matching games and play dough mats and felt pieces to move around and letters & numbers.  A lot of the ideas are taken from printables or tutorials around the web--the sort of thing that you look at and think, "my kid would like that," but then your printer is out of ink, and you only have two bottle caps instead of the 10 the activity calls for, and it gets filed away in the someday file of Pintrest.  I've got 30 of them, or rather, about 25 left, just perfect for pulling out when one or both of us is about to go stir crazy.

My contribution to the swap was a little pirate treasure counting game.  If kids are feeling mathy, they can line up the flat marble treasures by the numbers on the map.  Or they can pack the treasure up in the little sack, bury it, and use the map to find their way back.  Either way, I ended up with 32--that's 2 extra if you're feeling mathy.  Two prototypes that are just a bit different from what you see here, but still ready to pass along to a kiddo.  So, if you're reading and you have or know a kid who would enjoy this, leave a comment.  In the event that there are more than 2 comments (hey, it could happen), I'll draw numbers.  I'll leave the comments open for a couple of days, and try to get these in the mail early next week.

And if any of you are coming by after finding me through this swap, I'd love to hear how your kids are playing with this little bag.  We're just taking out one bag at a time, so I don't even know what all is in my box, yet.  But as they come out, I'm sure I'll be taking some pictures and sending out some thanks as we go.


  1. hey, katie!

    ...found you via a (wonderful!)comment that you left over at UncommonGrace.

    comparing christmas to a birth is just spot on. that's what it is after all! that quiet, babymoon phase where sleep is all over the place and you just sort of heal and breastfeed and get to know each other...that's just what these days of Ephiphany are like.

    hope you are doing well on your own. those can be some long days. but there's a sweetness there too.

    i've got two here who would love a bit of the pirate booty! thanks for sharing.

    1. Aw, aren't you sweet. Credit goes to the post at UncommonGrace for making me see it that way, too. I kind of like the analogy--might have to play with it more next year.