Sunday, January 8, 2012

Saying Thank You

Before Christmas I had a coupon to use up at VistaPrint and no time to format photos and whatnot to use it for a fancy project.  So I quickly ordered this self-inking stamp.  They've got different templates available, and I just used the most basic one I could find.

This is the first year Toby has sort of understood the idea of thank you cards.  The stamp appeared in his stocking, and once we got home from our Christmas travels, I set him up with some blank cards, his favorite Twistables, and the stamp, with the suggestion that he could make a card for everyone who gave him a gift.

Although he's now got a good dozen pages in a notebook filled with this:

His thank you notes all looked exactly like this:

Not exactly, I suppose, he was very certain which card went to which relative.  But all with blue on colored paper.  Any encouragement to use the thank you stamp on the cards afterward was met with a blank stare.

Whatever, he's having fun with the stamp, he understands that the cards are a way of saying thank you.  And slowly, as his interest in printed words grows, it will be nice to have a way for him to add words to his pictures before he has learned all the spelling and dexterity of writing himself.

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