Monday, January 9, 2012

Explorer Notebooks at Artful Parent

I'm very excited to have a guest post up over at The Artful Parent today.  I'm kind of giddy, because I've been following Jean and her family since before I even had my own kid to play with.  She's introduced me to Twistables and liquid watercolor, and inspired our own local Art Playgroup.  It's pretty exciting to share a project with a larger audience, too, and I hope y'all have as much fun making these little Explorer Notebooks as we've been having with them around here.

So if you've made your way here from there, hello and welcome!  Thank you for clicking through and taking a look around.  You'll quickly see that I'm pretty new to this blogging game--so I hope you'll stick around and join me as this space unfolds.

And if you manage to make up an Explorer Notebook of your own, I'd love to see it!  I'll try to share a few more pictures of what we've been up to in our books around here soon, too.


  1. hi katie...lovely post. that's a smart explorer book. i am happy to read artful parent's guest post and 'meeting' mums like u. i have a three yr old too. i'll be going through ur previous posts today. love to son. and hugs to u. hoping to see ur page facebook soon:)).

  2. Hi Katie - I just wanted to say that I will be along for you blogging journey. Thanks for a great post and looking forward to more in the future!

  3. Katie- So good to find you through Artful Parent. What a great space it is and your blog looks equally wonderful!