Monday, November 7, 2011

Spray Painting

Two hours at the park today.  Wow, is fall amazing here in DC.  It's November, and we're shedding layers as we run around outside.  And the colors are just hitting their peak as well, so I'm all about finding as many reasons to get outside as possible.  Even better, inspired by the Artful Parent, we've hooked up with some other mamas and young preschoolers for a little art time at the park each week.  At different times we've had playdough and pipecleaners and contact paper--and this week I got a bit brave about the mess and brought out spray bottles full of paint.

My son isn't all that interested in making marks yet.  I'm trying not to take that personally.  But he sure liked having a squirt bottle.  We used these liquid watercolors mixed with equal parts water.  We sprayed onto some basic card stock.  The boys weren't all that interested in the finished product, but it held up to the wet better than plain drawing or copy paper would have.

While I liked the spray pattern that comes from squirting from far away, Toby preferred to get in close and spray and spray and spray until the paper was covered in a big puddle.  Sometimes both boys (there were just two this day) would spray different colors on the same paper, watching the streams of paint clash and mix.  Next time one of the moms suggested that we bring some clothespins and pin the papers to the chain fence so the kids can have a vertical target.

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