Sunday, October 6, 2013

31 for 21: Big Huge Public Thanks

Our team collected $1718 for the Down Syndrome Association of Northeast Indiana.

Wow. Just wow. Big huge thanks are owed to our friends and family.  I'm still kind of floored by the response we got as we asked for donations.  I figured we could raise $500.  I set our goal at $800 to give us something to reach for.  Y'all doubled it, and then kept on giving.  Thank you.

We've received such amazing love and support from our friends and family this year.  And now so many of you have shared something with the wider Down syndrome community, too.  I hope that your gifts are used to make all of the individuals with Down syndrome and their families feel supported the way we have been.

And, I'm taking your faith in Max and in our family as a bit of a challenge.  Now that we've gotten through the newborn adjustments, it's time for our family to get more involved in DSANI.  We want to stay active in their socials and playgroups for Max's age group so that we can meet other families that are in a similar place on this journey.  And I'm hoping we'll find ways to contribute to the programming for other ages, as well.  I want to hear from families with older children, and I really want to meet more adults with Down syndrome.  I'm guessing there's a lot to be learned by people who are farther along this particular path.

The walk itself was fun.  We had a good group of friends to keep us company.  Several folks asked for photos of Max, because he's just so darn cute.  He slept during the 1.5 mile walk, but was awake before and after to make his appearances.  Toby had a blast running around with the other kids.  The rain mostly held off during the walk, and the sun beat down as soon as we crossed the finish line.  There were hotdogs and cupcakes and a bounce house and a train.  Overall, the walk has raised $45000 for DSANI, and I'm guessing that number will continue to rise as straggling checks come in this week.

Look out, friends, I've already got some ideas on raising money for next year.

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