Monday, October 21, 2013

31 for 21: Nine Months

Max is nine months old!

So, what are you up to this month?  You're still a friendly little guy, always happy to spread the smiles and make new friends.  But you're getting a bit more picky about staying with babysitters getting passed around.  (Thanks for interrupting my yoga class, twice.  I get the message, no more YMCA childcare for you.)

You're getting sturdier as you sit--more likely to whine and cry when you get tired instead of falling backward onto your head. (How about we work on transitioning forward, instead?  Really, it would be easier on all of us.)  You're sitting in the cart seat as we shop, and you're steady enough to face forward in the stroller without your bucket.  And still you managed to pull your toes up to your ears when we're strolling around.  You're exploring toys more, banging them around, moving your fingers over them, seeing how they taste and feel and move.  Your favorite perch seems to the the exersaucer these days.  I don't blame you--with Toby running around I'd feel safer up off the floor, too.

You are a big fan of food right now.  Bits of soft chicken or meatballs, baby puffs, pizza crusts, pasta, slices of fruits and veggies--we're adding tastes of finger foods to your meals of purees.  You're remarkably coordinated when you want to get something into your mouth.

This month you rode in another plane--this time to visit mama's side of the family and to meet your little cousin.  You didn't bother to show off your sitting skills much on that trip, though--plenty of family + wood floors meant that you were usually in someone's arms.

This month you slept through your first Buddy Walk, and just yesterday we went to the pumpkin patch with DSANI.  Not even a year old, you're already filling up our schedule and introducing us to new friends.  During this Down syndrome Awareness month, we owe you some thanks for sharing this community with us, kiddo.

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