Thursday, October 24, 2013

31 for 21: Oops, Missed Another

And I skipped another day.  And the post before that was about baby food.  And this post doesn't even have a picture.  So, yeah, I think I'm running out of steam.

But, I must share with you, the most useful thing I have learned from reading Down syndrome blogs:

Take your four year old to the dollar store to buy a birthday present for his dad.  Just like Kelle Hampton.

(Now, come on, you know you went and read through all her archives when you first discovered Down syndrome mama blogs, too.  Admit it.)

Seriously, best idea ever.  We did it tonight.  I can't reveal what Toby bought, but the process was great fun.  Also, this might be the only time you see the words "just like Kelle Hampton" on this blog.

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