Wednesday, October 16, 2013

31 for 21: Travel Wrap Up

So, we were in Texas for the past few days.  And I am terrible at typing with my thumbs, so I just posted pictures and figured that my loyal readers (hi Lauren!) would figure it out.  My brother (who is evidently also reading, hi Matthew!) says that is cheating.  Whatever.  I'm going to get one more picture post out of this trip before I return to writing real posts.  Sorry folks, it's time to get out the slide projector:

 Max got his first look at the ocean.  He loved the waves.  And he just kept on sucking his thumb through it all, even when he was covered in sand.

Toby averaged 6 trips to into the water per day.  This Midwestern boy is ready to hitchhike to the shore and become a surfer.

We saw alligators.  They don't photograph very well, but they were darn close.  And if you read the rules I posted a few days ago, then you know that an alligator thinks of you as dinner if you're within 30 feet.  We also checked out an aquarium, ate some local seafood, and drank plenty of margaritas.

 But mostly we stayed back at the house and played with the cousins.

 And made them pose for pictures.

All with a view of this off of our porch.

Four quick days to have my family together, to meet our newest little member (she & Max are just 6 months apart), to get a glimpse of the Texas shore and to relax and read and nap and eat and enjoy some vacation.

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