Friday, October 17, 2014

31 for 21: Fall Break

After a dreary, wet week, we finally got some sunshine, and I finally got some new photos for the blog!  Yay!

Today was Toby's one-day Fall Break.  We celebrated with a pajama morning.  Kindergarten has taken a big bite out of the time spent in pajamas around here.  The whole transition to Kindergarten is taking a bit longer than I'd anticipated.  Two months into the school year, it still seems like a very long time for our 5-year-old to keep focused, get along with his friends & teachers, and generally behave himself.  He comes home tired, and ready to have some time to himself without anyone telling him what to do.

So we spent the morning in pajamas, and the boys spent most of the morning in a big pile of pillows and blankets.

When we did get outside, we were greeted with one of the last short-sleeve days of the year.  We found Christer at work for lunch, played with the ice cream machine in the cafeteria, and checked out the toys in the Physics supply closet.

We spent the rest of the afternoon at the park, and brought home two tired boys.  It was nice to have a slow day today before jumping into a busy weekend.  Tomorrow the Halloween festivities begin!

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