Thursday, October 2, 2014

31 for 21: That Other October Celebration

It's only day two, and I'm already posting at night, too tired to think of much inspired to say.  I had a good, long day of working on Halloween costumes for the boys.  Once upon a time I sewed quite a bit, and now Halloween is the only time I really get out the machine.  I know I could buy or scrounge costumes, but making them each year is a little treat to me.  And the treat is so much better when I get some time to work on them early on, instead of at the last minute.

But, after a day of fiddling and problem solving and sewing, I am not much good to talk about anything else.  And so I give you this preview, and a promise of more photos once the costumed festivities (events! parties! even a costumed wedding!) begin later in the month.

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