Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Because the Internet Needs Another Blog

I’ve already established that there are more than enough blogs to fill my procrastination quota.  And when I go to Google looking for ideas or advice, the blogs usually give me plenty to chew on.  So why start yet another blog?

Because I like to hear myself type, for one thing.  There’s a lot buzzing around in my head, and while I can’t guarantee that anyone else wants to hear it, I know that I enjoy trying to put things in order on paper.  Or on a screen.  When I make something pretty it is fun to get some feedback, and when I want to rant it’s nice to have a place to post. 

But also, because I’ve noticed that in all the variety and repetition of the internets, I have not yet found me.  I love scrolling through crafty mama blogs—whether they’ve got slick bold graphics or dozens of babes dressed in organic cotton and wool.  I love taking a peak into the ways that women are combining who they are—their tastes and skills and opinions and passions—with the everyday tasks of keeping homes and raising families.  These voices have widened my idea of what it means to be an artist and a mom.  And precisely because they show so many styles, none of them quite have my mix of art and family and faith.

And so here I am, setting out to add another voice to the mix.  Because the internet needs another blog.


  1. Amen sister! Thanks for posting on mine so I could find you. I've enjoyed looking through it thus far and look forward to more :)

  2. Thanks, Hope! I'm still figuring out exactly what to do with this space... we'll see where it goes.

  3. Hi Katie. I just clicked through from your guest post at ArtfulParent. I, too, am from the midwest (OH) and recently relocated to DC. It's quite the experience, huh? :)

  4. Thanks for stopping by, Tammy! Yup, it's a change. We wanted to do something different for the year, and most days we're enjoying figuring out life in the big city.