Saturday, November 5, 2011

Halloween Roundup

Before we get too far from the holiday, I want to post a few Halloween pictures.  Because Toby makes a cute robot, and I'm pretty proud of the costume:

The hat came from this online tutorial, plus some antennae.  The front and back were stuffed with upholstery foam from the craft store, and fit over the shoulders like a sandwich-board.  He wanted to be a robot, but I was pretty sure he wouldn't wear a box around for more than 3 minutes, so we went with a cute & cuddly robot instead.

And we were Sneetches, because that's Toby's favorite story right now.  And because I like the holiday, but I'm not really all that keen on dressing up.  Toby has worn the star-bellied shirt around a few times since, and I'm going to keep it in the costume box for him.  The plain-bellied has already made it's way to the back of a drawer.  Despite the message of the story, nobody much wants to be a plain-bellied Sneetch.

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