Sunday, November 6, 2011

Mini Books

Tonight's been spent trying to keep the kid up late to reset his clock a bit and squeezing in crafting time so I can get a swap off in the mail by tomorrow morning

I've been making up some tiny blank books.  For scale, that's a one-inch grid on the cutting mat.  There's no need for a tutorial for these.  I used small Origami paper for the cover and six sheets of copy paper for the interior.  They're just about 1 1/2 inch squares--but because the Origami paper is measured with the metric system they're just a bit smaller.

This probably would have gone a bit quicker with a paper cutter, but I've got the quilting rotary cutter on hand, so that's what I used.  I did learn that making the inner papers just a nudge narrower than the covers on the top & bottom helps them fit nicely inside.  And on the unfolded side (does that make sense?) I cut the papers nearly an 8th of an inch small so that they fit inside when folded.  The cutting isn't perfect (to get that I'd probably have to cut after binding them), but it looks nice enough.

Then I stitch along the middles with black thread.  Sewing down the inside of the fold was easier, but sewing with the covers on the top looked best.  If I was a good sewer I would have replaced the needle in my sewing machine after that--but if I was a good sewer I probably would have replaced my needle a few years ago.

These came together quickly enough that I decided to group them in little packs of 3.  I kept thinking of ways to embellish the covers, but anything I thought of seemed to limit what you could put inside.  So I kept them blank, better for filling during or after the holidays.  I could see them being used as little notepads for keeping in a pocket or a purse, or for drawing little pictures in, or for giving to the kids to make tiny story books.  I'll keep you posted if I get around to filling any of the handful I kept for myself.

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