Saturday, November 12, 2011

Bits of Goodness Fairytale Swap

We got some goodies in the mail last week, and I finally found some light for photographing them:

I've been lurking on a Yahoo group called Bits of Goodness for, oh, nearly a year now, and I finally took the plunge and started playing along.  The group hosts regular swaps of handmade goodies, and everything must be made from natural materials.  For this swap the theme was storytelling and fairytales--so my partner and I pretty quickly decided that our boys would enjoy some costumes for acting out their own stories.  I sent off a bit of knitted chainmail, and in return Toby transformed into royalty.

He having great fun with the crown and cape (and the sword, which wasn't from the swap)--insisting that he is not a king or a prince but a knight. 

This was a well-timed swap, as Toby is just starting to figure out how costumes figure in to pretend play--and other than a few too-small Halloween costumes, his dress up box is pretty bare.  I'm hoping to work on that some more for Christmas, but this was a huge head start.

One more closeup of the dragon on the back.  The crown & the dragon on the back of the cape are made from the softest felt in a cozy green.  Love it!  Thanks so much Marjorie!

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