Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Where I've Been

Will I post when I am out of town?  Evidently, no.  So much for NaBloPoMo.  So I skipped almost a week of blogging.  I was busy being not busy, visiting with family, and watching Toby enjoy his grandparents and aunts and uncles.  And getting my dose of Christmas in Kansas City--because I have yet to find a city that does Christmas half as well.  My sister encouraged us all to go down to the Plaza lighting ceremony, it was the first time I'd watched it from the street.  So, of course, I had to take the I-was-there-camera-phone-shot.

As we head into December I'll be posting a bit less, but I'm hoping to add some posts that are a bit more planned out as we work our way through Advent.  In that spirit, I also added an Advent Calendar to the sidebar.  Because the devotionals have been good so far, and we all need some little windows to open during Advent.

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